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Here is an awesome retro stamp which is based on our set of 4 Retro Stamps that is available on Graphic River. It is fully scalable and modifiable. Of course you can easily change color as well as modify the shape layers. This stamps is perfect for any type of retro web or print design.

Fonts used are :

Fonts are not included but can be downloaded for free by clicking on the previous links.

Oh, and remember that our goodies are just samples of what can be done, so you should try different fonts, textures and designs in order to have a range of cool results. If you want to showcase these results, then you just have to drop us a line, we would be more than happy to show them off! And if you dig the file, then spread the word ;)

Some of our customers have been experiencing a downloading issue on our site. After some reasearch we found that it was linked to the facebook plugin and the users account settings. If you have been one of the people who have experienced downloading issues then log into your facebook account, go account settings, select security, then disable security browsing. Save it and see the magic…