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Today’s goodie is another retro style price tag that will get your product noticed. Fully layered and scalable, it is easy to modify. Fonts used: Bebas Neue, Jenna Sue and Arial Black. Fonts are not included. If you like it, then you should definitely give a look to our last collection of Retro Price Tags that is downloadable from Graphic River.

Set of 12 Price Tags

Remember that our goodies are just samples of what can be done, try different fonts, textures and designs and you’ll have a range of cool results. If you want to showcase them drop us a line, we would be more than happy to show them off! And if you dig the file, then spread the word ;)

Some of our customers have been experiencing a downloading issue on our site. After some reasearch we found that it was linked to the facebook plugin and the users account settings. If you have been one of the people who have experienced downloading issues then log into your facebook account, go account settings, select security, then disable security browsing. Save it and see the magic…