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If you’re reading this post you are either a web designer, graphic designer or simply just passionate about one or the other or both. If so, you have probably heard of Dribbble ! If you haven’t, then pretty much all you need to know is that its coolest network out there for people who eat, drink and breath design, no matter what field. It allows you to upload your own portfolio, ideally showing work in progress, receive useful feedback and of course discover tons of talented people! This is basically the twitter for designers. I’m connected daily and since I was drafted I have found Dribbble to be quite impressive, in particular how useful it is in meeting new people and receiving feedback on design, to feed my imagination and of course continously improve my skills.

freshideas profile on dribbble

The cool thing about Dribbble is that in order to be drafted you need to be invited by a dribbble member. So the reason I’m writing this post is because we have just received 5 invites to share with some awesome designer, the only question is whom? So, if you’re interested in getting an invite we decided to do a little competition that goes as follows: