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Recently  while browsing Behance I found a portfolio that instantly caught my eye, and it belongs to a designer from Québec named Marie-Michelle Dupuis. She focuses mainly on drawing, calligraphy and branding. Her latest project is a free font called “Fancy Me“, that you should definitely download. Find out more about her through the interview.

Fresh Ideas: We’d like you to tell us a little more about yourself, i.e. Where you are from, what you like to do on your spare time (what defines your personality) and how you got into design?

Marie-Michelle: I was born and raised in Trois-Rivières, a small town between Quebec and Montreal, in the French Canadian province. I’m a 23 year-old graphic designer with tons of ambitions, a passion for everything stylish and an insatiable thirst for learning. I’m also a music junkie, an adventure seeker, a photography enthusiast and a tattoo aficionado. I’ve held a pencil in my hand ever since I was born and knew quite young that I’d pursue a creative career. At 17, graphic design studies were calling my name so I moved to Quebec and came back to my hometown 3 years later with a diploma. Now I’ve been designing professionally for 3 years and know for sure I’ve chosen the right path.

F.I.: What projects or type of design do you enjoy the most?

M.M: My thing is definitely typography (I have a huge and ever-growing obsession with letters), but aside from that, I enjoy branding and illustration a lot. I like the kind of projects that I can lead from A to Z, and clients that put their trust in my creativity. Those leave me with a much greater sense of pride.

F.I.:What would you say are the trademarks of your design, i.e. what makes them unique?

M.M: I think it’s all in the details. I spend a lot of time on building strong structures or grids, and making sure the alignments always make sense. To me, that’s what really makes a design worth looking at. As for my style, I tend to be into bright colors, white spaces, clean and simple lines. Oh wait, am I describing my apartment here? Seems like my graphic style reflects on my space as well!

F.I.: Do you have any creative rituals to help you come up with a concept?

M.M: I always start off a project by looking for inspiration. Going through my Behance feed is the first thing I do to get my brain spinning on fresh ideas (god there are so many projects worth looking at on that network!). I also have a list of inspiration blogs that do it for me. Making a moodboard by gathering pictures, types, textures and colors that inspire me is something I enjoy doing to set the tone for a new project as well. Even when I’m not at the start of a project, I’m constantly looking for inspiration and saving some for later when I need a sparkle.

F.I.: What was your inspiration for the font that you created?

M.M: Geometry. Seems like the current trend is all about simple lines and geometric shapes, and I’m all into that style! With my growing obsession for type came the need to create my first font. And so was born Fancy Me.

F.I.: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any side projects that you are currently working on, and if so, could we see it?

M.M: Projects? I have tons! I have a lot of short-term creative projects, like redesigning and growing my blog, designing new fonts, taking online tutorial classes to improve my calligraphy skills as well as a few illustrative projects I have in mind. On the longer-term, I’m working on a stationnary/prints online shop with a friend that would definitely be an awesome creative outlet for both of us. On the even longer-term, I’m dreaming about teaching craft workshops to groups of passionate people. Follow my blog for more updates on those upcoming projects!

F.I.: We’d appreciate it if you send us a photo of your workspace.

M.M: This is my little working space at home. Not always that tidy! But you can tell I’m into bright colors and white spaces!


We thank Marie-Michelle for the interview. She is an enthusiastic and passionate designer, and we at Fresh Ideas are eager to see her next creation!  If you have a bit of spare time, do take the opportunity to check out her blog.